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Apple Produces 90 Million iPhone 14 Models

Apple Produces 90 Million iPhone 14 Models

Is this a stretch too far, or are they just confident about their products?

Introduction: Apple Optimistic About Sales Of Their New iPhone 14 Model.

Despite the global deceleration in the smartphone market, Apple doesn’t expect a drop in iPhone sales in 2022, reports Bloomberg. Suppliers produced 90 million iPhone 13 models for the California-based company in 2021, and Apple created the same volume of orders in 2022. This means that the Cupertino company is reckoning on the same demand for iPhone 14 this year compared to the same period last year for iPhone 13.

Global Downturn In Electronics Market: Android vs. Apple

iPhone expects to produce 220 million units in 2022, equivalent to Apple products’ production volume in 2021. According to sources who spoke to Bloomberg, Apple is holding out against the downturn in the smartphone market because its customers are still willing to pay for devices of premium quality. 

In addition, the actual decline of Huawei Technologies Co. contributed to the weakening of competition in the premium smartphone market.

On the other hand, Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., which puts together most of the world’s iPhones, hinted at Apple’s resilience when it said that sales of its smart consumer electronics products should have little changes in 2022 compared to last year. 

Owing to the launch of the new ‌iPhone‌, Apple produced about 75 million devices before 2021. In 2021, Apple produced 15 million more devices bringing the number of devices produced to a total of 90 million. The additional production of devices was caused by the high demand for ‌the iPhone 13‌ models. Accordingly, in 2022, Apple’s goal is to keep sales at the same level as last year’s.

Upgrades To The New iPhone 14 Model

While the standard iPhone 14‌ model has only a few changes, the higher-end iPhone 14 Pro models will have many improvements. 

In particular, the standard model will have a new notch-less design (with hole-punch and pill-shaped camera cutouts), an upgraded 48-megapixel camera, a faster A16 chip, an always-on display, new colors, significantly rounder corners, size options, and other added features

For the Pro models, the notch will be replaced by pill and hole-shaped cutouts for the camera and Face ID hardware. Although the hole and pill design isn’t all that different from a notch, it will free up some room and lessen the obtrusiveness of the front cameras. The notch will remain on the standard iPhone 14 devices.

Additionally, to ensure that all Apple users can have access to emergency services, Apple will introduce new satellite-based emergency features that will let users send texts in emergencies and report accidents with no cellular coverage.

Expected Pricing Of iPhone 14 Models

While there is no definite figure yet, rumor has it that the average selling price of an iPhone will increase in 2022 as ‌iPhone 14 Pro‌ models could have a higher starting price than iPhone 13 Pro models. 

Although Apple has not disclosed its revenues from 2020, Luca Maestri, Apple’s financial director, announced that revenue growth is expected in the next quarter, and supply constraints are expected to be lower than they were in the June quarter.

 According to him, this prediction is based on the company’s financial report for the second – quarter of this year.