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Artificial Intelligence: More Than Just Technology

Artificial Intelligence: More Than Just Technology

The modern world is progressing at such a rate in technology may advance to concepts and forms not predicted by the people who created it. Artificial Intelligence or AI is a complex system combining computer and science together. This technology can learn based on algorithms, people, and online information. The creation of AI is a scientific wonder that can expand its knowledge in a short amount of time. It can perform numerous tasks such as language recognition, speech recognition, cyber defense, and decision management. AI can be used in different departments such as medicine, technology, art, and marketing, aiding humans by taking on tasks. The software can produce possibilities through technology and science. 

What are Some Programs Involved With AI?

Since AI software was created it has progressed the world in so many ways. Programs like language recognition enable the software to convert data into a readable language for humans. While this software does help people understand documents in office-based settings there are some drawbacks. The software is only limited to the information it is given which may cause problems with more complex work. The issues of limited information can lead to errors within the system.

Speech recognition software recognizes voice commands and may be able to perform tasks through them. This software can be used in many electronic devices like smartphones, tablets, cars with smart-based technology, dictation devices at hospitals, and security protocols. This technology is convenient for anyone that has their hands full or is focused on other tasks. Some issues that can be found while using speech recognition can include the inability to recognize accents from people which can be frustrating and a delay when dictating commands to the software. 

Relying on computers for multiple aspects of people’s lives from work to entertainment can lead many open to viruses and cyber-attacks. Artificial Intelligence uses cyber defense software to protect users’ information and privacy. The software identifies possible threats and prevents them from gaining information. While there are multiple programs out there that can help secure files there are others masked as malware that can get past the software. People who aren’t technology savvy may fall prey to scams, viruses, and spam that could lead them open to financial ruin and identity fraud. 

From shopping online to exploring the online world people may have come across virtual assistants. Virtual assistants or chatbot software fueled by AI technology are used to assist people through virtual technology. Websites like Amazon and online banking can have a chatbot that spews out automatic responses to questions and help when needed. With multiple programs, these AI assistants can help with whatever task they are assigned. Applications like Socratic aid students with homework assignments for free, Youper is an AI-based program that supports the mental health of people through meditation, and a Database is used to answer questions by the users. 

S.T.E.A.M Or S.T.E.M?

Programs encouraging people to pursue careers in the scientific field have increased over time. Engineers, scientists, and mathematicians have received funding and recognition for their efforts in improving different aspects of people’s lives. While the idea of using AI technology would be considered by many a S.T.E.M field idea it can participate in S.T.E.A.M fields. S.T.E.A.M stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math which focuses on encouraging the growth of these departments. While art is an expressive form of creation that allows people to create and design works based on emotion, communication, and ideas AIs can create art as well. AI art can be generated based on ideas and other artist work to create images. The art created by the machines would require human input like the style and teaching interpretation of it. Many artists found this technology to be advantageous in creating and preserving artwork. The suggestions produced by Artificial Intelligence aid creativity for artists that struggle. 

Problems And Solutions of The Art Community 

Art communities have incorporated the use of AI technology into art to form a transfer style. This version of art inputs known artwork and redesigns it into art that is used for paintings, sculptures, and more. AI has been shown to help people unable to understand the different styles and ideas of art with little confusion. There are issues involving people who believe this form of art is unoriginal or even make a joke of original artist creations. 

Anyone can create art generated by Artificial intelligence using prompts given. Platforms such as Deep Dream Generator or Project Magenta produce AI-generated art. Deep Dream Generator uses the combination of AI algorithms and different art styles to create content. The generator uses tools like deep style, thin style, and deep dream to make artwork. Project Magenta not only uses AI in the aspect of creating abstract triangle-based art but music as well. The art and music projects are based on prompts through doodles or words to generate images and lyrics based on what input it had. This feature of AI is a form of entertainment and popular. 

While the creation of a new type of art form can open doors for artists to explore more creatively the art community also expressed concerns. The growth of AI-based art is believed to hurt actual artists as it could pull people away from human-based forms of art. Collections of AI artwork could cause the art community to dwindle in expressive forms of style. There are also possibilities for artists leaning heavily on AI designs rather than creating the work themselves. This field could end up saturated with work that has already been done or even lazy work. 

Artificial Intelligence has offered a beneficial lifestyle to people through easy access. This system can produce different possibilities using algorithms and deep thinking. While the programs learn based on experience and input that users provide it does have the possibility to expand beyond. Showing both to be an analytical piece of technology and a creative mind able to produce art AI is more than what think. The true innovation of knowing technology can improve, grow and support humans through software continues to be amazing.