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The programmable world is coming. To build the next version of the physical world we must learn to adapt. A world that assimilates technology in such a way that we can’t possibly live without it. The creation of such a world would offer so many new innovations to people in many areas that at one point were heavily reliant on human interaction. From average day-to-day responsibilities to social interactions our dependence on technology grows every day to make our lives easier. 

Technology Will Keep Me Safe

The progression of our technology-based world has increased so much that safety should be a number one priority. People use security options like Ring, CCTV, and intercom systems that use video calls to see who is at their door. While you are out people use apps on their phone for safety like Microsoft Family Safety to locate loved ones, Wander Safe Safety App which keeps people safe by alerting them of areas that could be considered dangerous, and SOS which contacts people from your emergency contacts if you’re in danger with a message and location. The programmable world will most likely help in creating a safe environment for everyone. 

Do I Even Need a Kitchen Anymore?

Do I have a kitchen, or do I have extra counter space? In a technology-based society, people must find new ways to feed themselves and their families. Our need for quick access to food comes from delivery services rather than simply going to the kitchen. I won’t lie I am guilty of this habit too; I mean McDonald’s fries and Bigmac versus cooking a meal and cleaning afterward; which one sounds more appealing? Think about how many times you have passed your kitchen in favor of going to the door to let the UberEATS guy in instead. Simple taps from your phone for a delivery app will become more appealing to people of all ages rather than cooking. So, ask yourself do I really need a kitchen anymore?

Samba Over to the Roomba 

I wonder if people physically clean anymore. The reliance we have on technology is embedded in everything we do including cleaning. The number of people in the world that use Roombas to clean their houses instead of physically doing it themselves is growing. People can just click a button and have a tiny robotic vacuum do the work for them, and it doesn’t stop there. We have grown to the point where we use robots to clean dishes, pools, and your cat’s litter. Every task that your parents told you as a kid you will need to do if you want to have a clean home as an adult is now done by robots with a push of a button. The busy life of a person has left the cleaning to electronics rather than dealing with it ourselves. 

Face-to-Face Online

Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, OkCupid, and Tinder, are all sites made for socializing and more. These sites are designed to keep you connected to other people near and far from the comfort of your phone. The world is no longer a physical setting to meet new people but rather a storage facility for your stuff. If you think about how much time people spend on the internet do you think they could answer questions about their so-called friends like Do you know their name? How old are they? What is their phone number? Without looking it up. I bet you the answer would be no because we don’t know anyone from the internet 100%. We value gaining friends like collecting rings in Sonic and taking pride in it, the fact we have technology that allows us access to many options in friendships and suitors has taken it too far in my opinion. Options are good to have but treating people like collector’s items to show off isn’t a positive thing 

The Internet Will Teach Me

Let’s talk about education, with our need to adapt to our changing world, the school systems used to rely on books and encouraged children to explore their own imagination to entertain them during free time. However, the progress we made focuses on children in a more technology-heavy environment in which the curriculum requires laptops, smartboards, the internet, and online reading. Education for many students doesn’t even need to take place in the classroom physically but rather over sites like Zoom. While some people will protest this takes away social interactions among children I tend to disagree. Whether children are in school or online they still socialize with other children while also learning to adapt to new environments. 


The world is always going to progress whether we are ready for it or not. Every day we are progressing more and more to a society that relies heavily on technology and progress to exist. Although many people may try to fight technology it is a necessity for us to live. Everything we do requires a screen and a connection to keep our part of society.