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Improving Public Speaking

Improving Public Speaking

How Yoodli is Using AI to Be Better Speakers

Seattle-based Artificial Intelligence start-up Yoodli has already raised $6 million in seed funding to help professionals improve their public speaking skills.

Founded in 2021 by Varun Puri and Esha Joshi, alongside Ehsan Hoque, Yoodli is developing a platform that uses AI to analyze speech and provide useful knowledge to improve public speakers’ performance. The current platform has two functions, Games, and delivering long speeches. Games take specific phrases and speech analysis processes the recorded audio to provide 11 types of feedback. To help users deliver longer speeches, Yoodli uses natural language processing tech to provide users with an analysis of actionable insights such as body language, pace, and volume.  

Yoodli is changing the way people speak and present in professional settings. The app has been used by thousands of speakers to measure their performance and gain insights into what makes them effective performers from an artificial intelligence-driven system that knows no boundaries or language limitations. The platform is currently being used by various groups, from MBA students who are preparing for an interview, to speech coaches who use the software to determine mistakes that some of their clients are making when speaking. Another user group is Business Professionals, who may have a presentation they are preparing to give. The program helps them ensure the presentation is delivered with the highest quality possible. 

The founders all have their own personal experiences and their reasons as to why they chose to develop this software. Puri grew up in India and has experienced instances in his career where very intelligent computer experts have not received the deserved recognition due to their inability to communicate properly. Joshi, the female founder of the group, said that public speaking can be especially daunting for females working in the Tech industry. When she first started her career, she often felt she wouldn’t be taken as seriously as her male colleagues. 

Hoque has over 20 years of experience building AI interfaces and wanted to improve skills in the workforce. For Hoque, the project uses AI to assist health care professionals when preparing for conversations with patients regarding end-of-life care. 

The fresh cash brings Yoodli’s total funding to $7.1 million. The startup plans to use the new funds to support sales, marketing, and further development of the product. So far, a business model for Yoodli has not been shared, but the founders have all confirmed that revenue is being generated. 

Madrona Venture Group, Cercano Management (formerly Vulcan Capital), J4 Ventures, and other angels invested in the seed round of funding for this enterprise.

It can be difficult to be an effective public speaker, and that’s why Yoodli has analyzed the speeches of famous tech executives and politicians and found that even world leaders have flaws when it comes to their speech delivery skills.

Yoodli aims to improve that, for everyone.